A Few Ideas that Will Have Your Decor on Trend for 2016

There are always two or three definitions attached to words in the dictionary, but the definition connected to the word “décor” is perfect for our purposes. The dictionary defines décor as “a stage setting”. It couldn’t be more perfect. Décor is obviously for the enjoyment of the homeowner, but décor is also intentionally utilized for home staging. Putting your best foot forward with home décor will impress visitors and will also set the stage if you plan to sell later on. Primarily, however, décor reflects the persons living in the house; your home, your stage, your unique taste.

A few ideas that will have your décor on trend for 2016:

Sustainability is always on trend. Recycle, reuse, and repurposing has never been easier. Today’s manufacturers are providing more and more products that are both attractive and sustainable.

Choose shiny decorations for your interior. Place a few gold, brass or silver bobbles, light fixtures and other mod objects throughout your home to bring the bling! Metals are making a resurgence from a few decades ago.
Black metals also make a statement, whereas copper and rosy colored metals are losing ground in the design world and could date your home.

Geometric tiles are perfect. Place geometric patterns on backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. Geometric patterns that aren’t too busy can be laid in floors throughout the house and needn’t be relegated only to bathrooms.

Infusing interior décor with greenery and earth tones is great. Bringing the outdoors in delivers impact. In fact, consumers are purchasing furniture and other interior décor items that mimic nature. Additionally, outdoor furniture and the materials that are generally consigned to patio furniture are making their way inside.
Experiencing with art on the walls is another way of bringing nature indoors.

Natural minerals have always been a design concept that catches the eye. But, today’s trend is moving towards actual geodes and minerals on display in the home and not just as bases to furniture, such as lamps. Pieces of unpolished semi-precious stones can be placed in bowls, or set on side tables as conversation pieces. They can also be used as common door, drawer and fan pulls.

The space you create in your home should represent your interests. Magazines, websites and designers serve as inspiration, but the décor you choose should speak to your good taste, and not someone else’s. If you don’t love it, skip it. If you hate a new and popular design trend for the coming year, pass it over and stick to what you love; what speaks to you.

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