What You Need to Know About Adding a Bathroom to Your Basement Renovation

Adding a bathroom to an existing basement is a bit more affordable than adding one to other parts of the house.

There are a few necessities of life that most of us just can’t live without. Money and chocolate come to mind. Also, you’ve probably never heard a homeowner say, “I wish we hadn’t added so many bathrooms”. Every house has one and every house needs one, but more bathrooms are better than a single one. Adding a bathroom to your basement renovation is a good idea, especially if it includes a bathtub and shower. Half baths are fine, but the addition of a tub maximizes the use of space.  Since you’re adding a bathroom anyway, why not go all the way? A full bath renders the bottom floor as a real living space.

Cost Saving Approach

Adding a bathroom to an existing basement is a bit more affordable than adding one to other parts of the house. The homeowner saves money on the renovation since a downstairs bathroom utilizes space that is already there. In other words, the homeowner isn’t required to sacrifice space from an existing bedroom, closet or other upstairs living area (this is not to say that adding a bathroom upstairs is less desirable. It depends on the homeowner’s preference).

Adding a bath to the basement will not affect the exterior of the home. There is no roof to add, foundation, footers etc., the existing walls that are in place-especially corner walls, will suffice for the basement bathroom addition.

Placing the shower, sink and toilet on the same wall is ideal. Your renovator will refer to this wall as the water wall.


Adding a bathroom with a bath/shower to your basement is practical. A bathroom fits in with any basement renovation concept. A bathroom is a very practical addition for the homeowner who chooses to add a guest room downstairs. Guests will not have to find their way upstairs to locate a free bathroom. A bathroom with a bath or shower downstairs retains an element of privacy.

A bathroom is ideal for a finished basement that has been turned into a rec area. It eliminates, or at least cuts down on traffic back and forth into other living areas. It also keeps the upstairs bathroom in ready condition for drop-in guests.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantage to adding a bathroom below ground is the value it adds when everyone emerges, ready to leave the house at the same time. That alone is priceless.

A full bath will add resell value to your home, but with a renovated basement and added bathroom, why would you ever want to leave?

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