Remodeling Your Kitchen – Choosing the Right Appliances

Choosing the right appliances for your newly designed kitchen is the second step in the process of remodeling.

Choosing the right appliances for your newly designed kitchen is the second step in the process of remodeling. Only after you have confidently decided on the layout and design of your kitchen, can you accurately choose the appliances that will fit into that design. Stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and other appliances come in different sizes. So, deciding on what stove to place in the kitchen before designing its space may be counterproductive.

Since all appliances aren’t created with equal dimensions, your choice of appliances will impact the number and size of the cabinets. It will also affect your kitchen’s traffic pattern.

Where to begin

Other than the size constraints associated with choosing appliances, there are a few other considerations. Obviously, it is important that kitchen appliances meet your specific needs. This is in addition to how the appliances rate in performance and appearance.  Performance is crucial, but let’s face it, homeowner’s desire beautiful kitchens. In this day and time, it is possible to have both.

Color scheme plays a part in choosing the right appliances. The most popular color for kitchen appliances is silver/stainless steel. Many people favor its sleek finish, however it is completely dependent on preference and taste. There is no right answer to what color scheme you choose. Pick what pleases you.

Large Appliances 

Stoves and refrigerators are the kitchen’s most expensive appliances. As mentioned above: color preference, dimension, appearance, and performance are crucial. You’ve decided on the color, and have the correct measurements, but what about performance. The size of your family and the number of meals prepared in your new kitchen will determine the level of functionality you expect. Appliances must meet the functionality requirements of your day-to-day needs.


Refrigerators are never turned off. In the old days refrigerators were turned off during cleaning and defrosting. Thankfully, that is a chore that has fallen by the wayside, as more efficient and durable refrigeration options are marketed. When purchasing a refrigerator-remember that it will run constantly, doors will be swung open and shut throughout the day. Purchase a refrigerator from a company that has a good reputation for durability.

Cubic size is an issue. It won’t matter how attractive a small apartment -sized refrigerator is, if it doesn’t store a sufficient amount of food. Decide on size based on the number of people in the house. 14 cubic feet will accommodate food for two people. For every person after that, add 3 cubic feet.

Here are some luxury appliance options for your consideration.


The options are nearly limitless, beginning with whether you will cook with gas or electricity. Also, you will choose a stove based on your level of cooking aptitude. Commercial sized stoves have six or eight burners rather than four. Professional cooks, or cooks with professional aspirations might choose a commercial oven. It is crucial to remember that commercial ovens require special ventilation.

Other stove choices include:dual fuel, convection, modular cooktops, wall units and more.


Anyone who says a dishwasher is an unnecessary appliance isn’t the primary dishwasher in the family. Do not remodel your kitchen without a dishwasher. It is essential and affordable. It just makes sense to have one. Today’s dishwashers are more energy efficient, using less water and fewer kilowatts.

Choose one in the color of your choice. Stainless steel is the most popular however; dishwashers may also be concealed behind panels that match kitchen cabinetry.


Okay, you may not view your sink as an appliance, but choosing one is every bit as important and there are many options available: single basin, double basin, and rectangular basins, basins that are outfitted with garbage disposal capability.

Like all other appliances in your remodeled kitchen, you must decide on how the sink is used, and how it will meet your families need.

Depth is an important consideration, as is the selection of material. Enamel over cast iron is extremely durable and easy to clean; however the enamel can chip to reveal the cast iron beneath the surface. Stainless steel is the most popular choice. If you choose to install a stainless steel sink-check the gauge. Heavier gauge steel is less prone to scratches.

More on choosing the right faucets and fixtures in my next article.