8 Creative Things You Can Do In Your Basement

There are many exciting and creative possibilities that will turn a basement into the place where everyone wants to hang out.

There was a time when people didn’t expect much from their basements. Dropping laundry through a shoot, down to the lower level was as close as some family members came to the basement. Often cold and damp, few ventured down there, except for mom, who was brave enough to face the laundry and the darkness at the same time. There is no excuse for anyone these days to put up with a lousy basement. There are many exciting and creative possibilities that will turn a basement into the place where everyone wants to hang out. It’s only fair that mom gets first dibs.

The following eight ideas will help you get the ideas rolling.

Music Room

Music lovers can create the room of their dreams. Think of the acoustics in the basement. The ceiling is low and adding sound proofing to the walls will keep it from traveling into the other parts of the house. The room will be perfect for listening to music over an amplified sound system, or if the piano will fit through the door, it will be a great place to practice or even as a studio for teaching.


Books haven’t been replaced by digital just yet. Before they are, turn your basement space into a comfortable library, and open a book the old fashioned way. Line the walls with bookshelves, or renovate the basement to house volumes between the wall studs for built in shelves.


Who says the den has to be on the first floor? The den is designed to be the most secluded room in the house, a private space for family. What’s more secluded and out of the way than the basement? Renovate the basement and turn it into the spot where kids play and parents wind down after a long day. The television is optional, but it couldn’t hurt.


It will take a little doing, but a competent renovator can help you turn the basement into a living space that is hospitable for company. If the basement has a separate entrance from the upstairs the apartment could be useful as a nice rental property. There will be significant changes required; adding a restroom, kitchenette, etc., but it can be done.


It’s not so unusual to turn a basement into a playroom, but turning the space into a playhouse for the kids is unique. Add carpeting for warmth, and to stifle the sound that kids will make in their play area. The walls can be painted to resemble a street, with trees, grass, and a sky scape. Add a false wall that resembles the outside of a house, and hang a door, and window, and a “roof”. Place furniture and toys in the “room” where kids can play house, in their house, that is in the basement. How cool is that?


Transform your basement into a workshop that would even make Santa jealous. Your renovator can advise you on proper ventilation, but it is totally doable.  Place a workbench/table on the lower level, attach pegboards on the walls for hanging tools, and lay a floor that can handle the abuse that accompanies a busy workshop. You might leave the concrete floor as it is, or paint or seal it to make it more attractive.

Wine Cellar

Purists might frown on the idea, but for most, the basement is perfectly suited for storing a beautiful wine collection. The basement must be properly insulated to ensure the correct temperature for wine bottles. Your renovator can make it happen.

Art Studio

It’s quiet, private, and perfect as an art studio. Paint the walls an attractive color to suit your artistic taste, and install a floor that is easily cleaned and maintained. Add storage units, shelves, or even a closet beneath the stairs for art supplies.