Why Basement Insulation Matters

Not insulating your basement is equivalent to opening a window during a windstorm and throwing out dollar bills. A basement that is properly insulated will save the homeowner money on energy costs. It will also assist in providing a dry environment to a living space that is susceptible to moisture.

Insulation matters because concrete is a lousy insulator. Your basement loses heat rapidly as it escapes through the foundation wall. An insulated basement will affect the warmth of upper levels too, making the entire house much warmer.

Here are a few ways to determine if your basement’s insulation needs attention:

  •          Interior walls are cold to the touch
  •          Floors are cold
  •          Evidence of mold
  •          High heating bills

The above are all indications that there are issues with your insulation.

We tend to think that insulation is only important during the winter months. But, this is untrue. Insulation may need attention when the following are present.

  •          An uncomfortably hot interior
  •          Mold that is growing in the basement
  •          High cooling

In addition to what is above, a properly running air conditioner that fails to lower the temperature is also a warning that the insulation is lacking.

R Value by definition is “the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R value the greater the insulating power“.

The renovator will install products that are labeled with R and RSI values. There are certain building code requirements surrounding insulation. Your renovator will be knowledgeable of those requirements, and will guide you through the process of securing the proper insulation.

How the basement insulation is installed will determine its effectiveness. Improper installation will lower the R-value.  Your renovator will ensure that insulation is installed properly so that R-value is not reduced.

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